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My legs. They ached. But I still had to run. I could sense him behind me. Just there. He didn't walk, he didn't run. He was just there.
I turned off my light in hopes that he would loose me. No hope. He was behind me and he couldn't get any closer. Maybe it was my breathing that was drawing him in. In. Out. In. Loudly. I'd been running so long. My breathing was so heavy that it wouldn't take long for him to find me. He could probably hear me from across the forest. Where's the truck? maybe keys were in there. It wouldn't take much to run him over. He wouldn't be able to resist going in front of it.
In. Out. In. Out. Was it by the rocks? Or was it closer to the bathroom? Was that him!? I can't see! Don't turn your flashlight on. Don't turn it on. You'll find the truck eventually. Is that it? Nope that's the four pointless walls.
This was pointless. I'd lost the friend I'd brought. He got them. Why would we do something as stupid as going to the forest? Especially after someone warned us!
Stay away wasn't enough!?
We were so stupid! And now he's after me! I saw him 12 times and now what am I supposed to do? I have all 8 notes and he's coming after me more than before.
There's the truck! Run faster! Run faster!
Keys! Keys!? Where are they? Who would take their keys to run from a creep!?
I backed up slowly. My vision blurred. Someone screamed. Was it me? I couldn't tell. I touched my hand to my face. When I looked at my fingers they had ruby liquid on them. I heard another faint scream. It smelled strongly of copper and death. I turned around to face a blank face. Not like a stupid face those jerks in English class give the teacher. Like a face, with no mouth or eyes or nose.
"I surrender.." I murmured. I gave up. I ran out of hope. It's all gone.
"I'm done..." and with that said, my world went black.
My sister was obsessing over slender man and I wanted to see if I could actually write something cool.... obviously not lol

Just so people know, I'm not claiming Slender Man, he doesn't belong to me, at all :P
it-isnt-that-hard Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
faith. i actually love this, like im being completely serious. this is incredible.
Read-Draw-Sing Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
it-isnt-that-hard Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
no problem.
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